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Students Against Ignorance
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Wednesday, January 31st, 2007
7:50 pm
Looking for a room/roomate
Im looking for either a female or gay male to share a two bedroom apartment with. I like to have things quiet during the week, and I would want a potential roomate not to have her boyfriend over too often since they tend to cause problems for some reason. I will have a cat, so I just want a potential roommate to like cats. Hes very well mannered and clean. i dont have any furniture, but i know where i can get some free or very cheap. Rent should be in the 300-350 range. I don't party a whole lot, but i do value my space, but not so much that I will be standoffish. Send an email to kesiaiztoofly4u@hotmail.com or reply to this post with your email address or phone. I posted in here because ignorant ppl annoy me. Hopefully some intelligent person will contact me, wanting to share an apartment with me. And it would be an ignorance free household :-)
Wednesday, April 13th, 2005
3:33 pm
What are you going to do to end the silence?


**Day of Silence**

is today!

April 13, 2005 (Wednesday)

Please understand my reasons for not speaking today.  I am participating in Day of Silence, a national youth movement protesting the silence and oppression faced by GLBT and their allies.  My deliberate silence and the difficulties I face today echo the silence and difficulties which are caused by harrassment, prejudice and discrimination.  Ending the silence is the first step toward fighting these injustices.  Think about the voices you aren't hearing today.  What are you going to do to end the silence?


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Saturday, January 8th, 2005
11:09 am
Sunday, December 26th, 2004
5:29 pm
Email from Alexander

At our first meeting we talked about screening documentaries and I think I've got one that might be interesting. The film I had in mind is Hell House... "A look at the "Hell House" performed annually in October by the youth members of Trinity Church (Assemblies of God) in Cedar Hill, Texas (a Dallas suburb) - seen by over 10,000 visitors each year. We see the organization and planning of the event - including auditions, construction, scripting and rehearsals - largely through the involvement of one family: a single father with 4 children (one of whom suffers from cerebral palsy) including his daughter, a cast member." [ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0301235/ ]

Does this sound like a good idea, or better yet, does anyone have any other documentaries they'd like to share? Also, at the Democratic Party Christmas party Bob Bekerly mentioned an inauguration day protest going on across the country. New Orleans already has things planned out -- whether it take place in Mobile is still up in the air depending on the amount of people that show interest. Ask your friends and get back to me and I'll forward the numbers to him. Thats all I have for now.

Friday, November 26th, 2004
10:15 pm
Washington Post

I changed the icon. If anyone has a better one, just send it to me. I have one that says "F the President", but its too large, and I'm not sure how to resize it.

Also, for those that are interested:

The Washington Post last Friday published a magazine ad supplement, bought by religious right groups, that is one of the most bigoted homophobic things I have ever read. I am astonished the Post would print this filth.

In it you learn things like the fact that sexual orientation isn't genetic. Why? Because if it were genetic it would have to be passed by gay parents who don't have kids! Putting aside a number of holes in that theory, there's the more general scientific point about recessive genes. My point is that this filth isn't even scientifically correct, and the Post is publishing it. I didn't realize the Post had no problems publishing junk science targeting minority groups. Huh.


What's more, the entire publication is based on race-baiting. It is CLEARLY written for the black community in an effort to piss them off against the gays. Funny, but you'd think the Post would have a problem with a scientifically invalid publication whose sole intent was to enrage one minority community against another. But no.


Oh, and it gets better. The publication informs you that gays die at the age of 41. Yep, all of us. What they don't tell you is that this little "study" was conducted by Dr. Paul Cameron, an anti-gay nutjob who has even been disowned by the religious right (let alone he was thrown out of various medical associations). But does the Post have a problem publishing junk science that suggests that certain minority groups are inferior to others? Not at all!

Oh, it goes on and on. Then concludes by invoking Martin Luther King's memory to attack us. Which is again an outright lie since Coretta Scott King has already said that the gay rights movement is part of the larger civil rights movement her husband embraced.

Well, I'd complained about this insert on my blog and a lot of folks contacted the Post. Unfortunately, the Post has now publicly defended the ad. Saying, among other things, that it's not hateful. Read on.


Their response to the virulently anti-gay magazine insert they distributed with last Friday's Post is, quite simply, appalling. Not to mention intellectually dishonest. The way they trivialize our concerns, suggesting we're simply mad because the religious right disagrees with us about gay marriage! Yeah, it had nothing to do with the fact that they printed outright lies about us all dying young, based on studies by a quack kicked out of the major medical associations 20 years ago. Among the man's other studies: one that says 17% of gay men eat feces. He's also the guy who championed the "gays are pedophiles" myth. But no, the Post thinks our concern is
our fear of debating gay marriage. Right.


And now this means their ombudsman will likely write some hideous story in next Sunday's Post about how this pamphlet isn't hateful at all! Please feel free to contact him again after reading the update below (his contact info is at the bottom of this email), and also contact Eric Grant, the Post's Director of Communications Affairs. The number is 202 334-6466. These guys need to get the point that this isn't about gay marriage. It's about promoting Mengele-esque science that was debunked 20-30 years ago. Would the Post permit someone to run ads with equally quack science attacking blacks and Jews?


A few of the Post's responses:

- Marc Rosenberg, manager of corporate and public policy advertising for the Post. "The key issue is that it is clearly identified as an advertising message."

MY RESPONSE: No, the key issue is not whether it's clearly identified as advertising. The key issue quoting fallacious "scientific studies" proving blacks are inferior to whites and therefore not deserving of civil rights. The Post wouldn't. Hell, the Washington Post wouldn't even publish my online ad going after Dick and Mary Cheney because it included a cartoon-swear-word - you know, #^$&* Yes, cartoon swear words were too much for the Post, even though it was clearly an ad that I paid for, but saying that gays die at the age of 41 while straights die at 69 or 75 is a-okay.

- "We will not allow something hateful to go in the paper," Post Publisher Boisfeuillet Jones Jr. said, indicating he did not believe this incident involved a hateful message. "Gay marriage is a public issue and matter of public debate, and we believed its point of view has a right to be expressed."

MY RESPONSE: Not a hateful message? Really? How do you feel about the studies showing blacks to be phsyically inferior to white people? Ads for skin creams that can make black people white, making civil rights legislation unnecessary since black people who choose not to use the cream have "chosen" to be black? Any views on Hitler's scientific theories on Jews? What an absolute crock to suggest that the problem with that pamplet is that it simply "talks" about gay marriage. The problem with that pamplet is that it promotes Nazi-esque quack science claiming gays are somehow inferior physically to straight people and therefore don't deserve civil rights. For the Post to suggest otherwise is intentionally intellectually dishonest. They know damn well what our complaint is about.

- Post Ombudsman Mike Getler: "They might have insisted more that this be in a format that was clearly not a magazine. You could argue that the disclosure could have been larger. But the Post did not commit a sin by accepting it."

MY RESPONSE: Ah, gotcha. So the trick is that David Duke just needs to use a really large font that says "THIS IS AN AD" when he runs an ad-magazine denouncing your black and Jewish readers as racially inferior. That's really your position? Because you're about to inspire someone to raise some cash to run such an ad. And if you kill the ad, you're going to get a civil rights law suit. And if you run the ad, you're going to have a riot from DC's black community on your hands, and no more black subscribers.


Yes, it was quite gracious of the Post to ignore the question of whether they would print an attack on affirmative action (a valid public policy discussion) that included passages from the Bell Curve, the 1990s book that argued blacks were less intelligent and thus committed more crime, etc. Bet the Post would NO PROBLEM with that kind of logic being printed. Or are lies about those inferior gays all dying in their 40s somehow less offensive than lies about blacks all being stupid?


Contact the Post's ombudsman, Mike Getler. Try to explain to him why you consider this flyer (below) hateful, and be sure to ask him how the Post would feel about a similar ad about Jews or blacks and their physical inferiority to other races and peoples, and how that relates to those minorities not deserving civil rights:
- ombudsman@washpost.com
- (202) 334-7582


1. Download a 1.2 meg file of the entire 16 page magazine here. This server is much quicker, and you can download the entire magazine at once (albeit a blurrier version) thanks to our friends at RawStory.com: http://thelist.c.topica.com/maacT1mabb0iSb7C5k5baehnyv/

2. Download the individual pages here (4 pages per link - 16 pages total), still as pdf (I need jpgs of these if anyone can help). These are from a FASTER server, so should be much easier to download (thanks to FrankenHooker.com).

If those links are slow, try these as well (Thanks to DuGard.org):

You can find this alert online here, with hotlinks you can click on to download the flyer, click emails etc

Use this link to subscribe to THE LIST for free

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Friday, November 19th, 2004
6:32 pm
Props to Katherine for posting the first comment. My biggest fear with this group has always been that we get lazy and the whole thing dies. That said, what do y'all think about having regular meet-ups through meetup.com? Also, I'm pretty certain that most of us don't have Lj accounts. I guess those with accounts could give them out, or if people don't want an account we could just make a John Doe account that people could post with and just sign their name.
Tuesday, November 16th, 2004
8:09 pm
We discussed at our meeting showing political documentaries and stuff. Alexander Mary and i have talked about it. We can use the public library, the ugly mug coffe shop, or alexadners living room.

just thought something needed to be said.
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